WoodyValley - GTO light

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  • Detachable instrument panel
  • Front pocket suitable also for anti G
  • Back protection homologated at 33G (size M weighs gr. 450)
  • Additional standard back protection for the higher back, it is the same one already used for the HASKA2 and WANì2
  • Spacious lower pocket suitable also for ballast sack
  • Spacious back pocket with dedicated telescopic poles container
  • Large side pockets
  • Streamlined pocket for the radio or camera
  • Pocket designed for camel bag
  • Safe and functional pee tube
  • Carabiners in different colours
  • S.O.S. label
  • Detachable leg cover with zip
  • The seat board has been replaced by two fiberglass side battens, which reduce the overall weight and at the same time preserves comfort and stability
  • Well-aired ergonomic back padding
  • Adjustable straps and emergency whistle
  • Telescopic poles pocket
  • Pocket designed for camel bag
  • Convenient pockets to hold all your accessories
  • Transparent pocket for owner’s info and documents
  • Clothing carrying elastic band

GTO light - Features

GTO light - Manual

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