Gradient - Avax XC 5

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Gradient - Avax XC 5 - LTF/EN D


The new Avax XC5 is the latest wing from the Gradient development team. Avax XC5 is a high performance EN-D glider and should be flown by very experienced pilots like every glider in this class. We succeeded to create a very light wing, one of the lightest in EN-D class at the moment. XC5 is a completely new concept of the wing and we are not just recycling some old ideas.


XC5 is a very comfort and safe wing to fly for an EN-D. It has a very good glide, precise handling at all speeds and has a really good climb even in light thermals. All these qualities will guarantee great XC flights. XC5 can be turned very tight and flat and doesn’t have any spin or stall tendencies. That will help you comfortably climb even in those small and rough thermal cores and fully enjoy your XC flying. Exceptional performance and handling when accelerated will get you easily in the next thermal along your XC adventure.


The glider features a unit cell structure with two non-carrying ribs and double diagonal segmented ribs (DD system) that attach directly to the upper surface. This optimizes the definition of the top surface curve without losing stability in flight. It’s a very well proved system we used on Aspen and Nevada gliders.  Well proven three rows line concept has been used which allows great glider control, stability and behavior.  Even we aimed for the superlight wing there are no compromises. Trailing edge mini ribs will guarantee clean and smooth shape.

Technische Daten

Größe 24

Fläche Ausgelegt:    21,4 m² 
Fläche Projeziert:   18,18
Streckung:   6,96
Gewichtsbereich:   70 - 85 kg
Schirmgewicht:   3,7 kg
 Zertifizierung:   EN/LTF D

Größe 26

Fläche Ausgelegt:    23,5 m² 
Fläche Projeziert:   19,96
Streckung:   6,96
Gewichtsbereich:   82 - 97 kg
Schirmgewicht:   4,2 kg
 Zertifizierung:   EN/LTF D

Größe 28

Fläche Ausgelegt:    25,7 m² 
Fläche Projeziert:   21,83
Streckung:   6,96
Gewichtsbereich:   95 - 118 kg
Schirmgewicht:   4,2 kg
 Zertifizierung:   EN/LTF D


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